About Us


Our Kitchen Brantford began as a dream of having a certified kitchen in our home. That dream quickly turned into something more when it became clear that other small businesses had that same dream - unlimited kitchen access to work in and expand a small business.

After careful consideration, and a lot of support from friends and family, the lease was signed and Our Kitchen Brantford became a reality.

This kitchen is for the community, to help entrepreneurs grow and develop their passion, network, and host events - all at an affordable cost.

We wanted the rates to be affordable to keep it inclusive, so everyone can use it. Whether it’s a small business ready to expand, someone taking that first step in starting a new business, or even someone hosting a large family dinner.

We named the kitchen “Our Kitchen” because we wanted to create a community, to utilize and share the space, and to create a warm and welcoming environment as if it were a home kitchen.

We want to give a huge thank you for all the support in this new endeavour. We are really looking forward to opening the doors and sharing this space with everyone.

Our Kitchen Brantford aims to become an integral part of the Area food community by creating a space for the community to learn, and expand their passion for local food. Our vision is to create an inclusive, collaborative environment where anyone with a passion for food, can get access to the tools and support they need to succeed in their business.

Many chefs, bakers, and food artisans are looking for ways to launch their businesses, but starting up is still a daunting challenge for any entrepreneur. Food prepared for sale is required to be made in a Public Health approved kitchen, the renting of which can be very expensive and hard to obtain, and the red tape can be difficult to navigate.

We are a new, affordable commercial kitchen and culinary incubator designed to give aspiring entrepreneurs a boost in the industry as well as a collaborative space in which to launch their business and learn from each other.